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Monday 29 October 2012

Harris Tweed Headphones by Urbanears

I thought I wanted a pair of purple Plattan headphones by Urbanears. I've thought that for about two years now, actually, but such is the level of my indecision that I have yet to purchase a pair. And it turns out that indecision isn't always a burden, dear reader, because, well, just look at these quite simply BEAUTIFUL Plattan Harris Tweed Edition headphones. Wouldn't I be kicking myself just now if I'd gone for purple? Clearly wild vacillation was my brain's way of protecting me from future disappointment. Well done, that brain. 

Each pair of headphones is covered in genuine Harris Tweed, with an authentication label to prove it. So that's 100% virgin wool. On headphones. What a luxury. What's more, they tap into the heritage trend fabulously. 

They fold up very neatly and niftily, so you can pop them in your bag without fear of pulling them out of there and finding a tampon, a shredded tissue, and a half-eaten Wham bar entangled in the cable. (I am not speaking from experience here, you understand. My own handbag is the very embodiment of cleanliness and tidiness. Ahem.) 

So, I suppose you'll want to know if the sound quality's any good, won't you? Well, I've had to wade through several reviews that tell me the headphones 'bang out beats' and cater to a 'tech-fashion crowd', which obviously made me do a little sick in my mouth, but underneath all that gibberish, the general consensus seems to be that they sound pretty decent for the price (£80). To be honest, they look so amazing that if the sound quality was something akin to holding a shell to your ear and listening to a fake sea, I'd still be happy. 

Urbanears' Harris Tweed headphones only went on sale last Thursday, but their design editions have a pesky tendency to sell out super-quickly. If you want them, shipping from Sweden is just £6.

Right, I can't hang about here all day! I've got an overwhelming urge to cover things in tweed, which can't be suppressed a moment longer.  


  1. I love them. Actually, I love all things tweedy. Even Cheryl.

  2. ARGH they're sold out already! I'm not sure I could have justified 80 quids on headphones though, but the tweed is amazing... :(


    Wham Bar comment made me do a spit laugh. X


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