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Friday 26 October 2012

Sluttery Sales Spy: People Tree, Monsoon & Hobbs

Credit cards at the ready, Domestic Sluts! It's that time of the week again - our round-up of the best bargains that you're going to want need IMMEDIATELY. 


Vicky short-sleeved dress, £36 (was £55), Monsoon Outlet
STAR BUY! Our very own Kat is a big fan of Monsoon's Vicky dress - she reckons it looks fabulous on tall girls, short girls, medium-sized girls, any kind of girl! Which makes this £36 navy blue feather-print version pretty much an essential for us all. Let's just make sure we don't all wear them to the next Domestic Sluttery do, yeah? There's also a multicoloured dottily-patterned dress in the same style for just £27.50.

Secret Garden print dress, £35 (was £60), Warehouse
BEST OF THE REST: OH OH OH, PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY! This Secret Garden frock from Warehouse isn't so spring-summery that you won't be able to wear it now - just pair with black opaques and anything other than the hideous shoes in this photo. I mean, you'll freeze to death, but you'll look ever so nice while you're doing it.

While we're on the subject of Warehouse, could someone tell me whether or not I like this black deco sequin shift? I think I do, and then I'm not sure. The model is a bit Olsenesque and should have studied standing up straight as a child, so that might be making me waver. If you're more decisive than me, and you like it, it's £40 down from £50.

NW3 Gallop dress, £64 (was £129), Hobbs
I love me a bit of Hobbs' NW3 range. I can't afford it usually, but luckily Hobbs are very good at sales (their outlet store is also a thing of wonder). Each season, they have a triumphant range of prints - I was obsessed with their paperclip sweater a while ago (and if you're a size 16 like me, there's still a chance to buy it for £49 reduced from £75, courtesy of House of Fraser). This Gallop dress fulfils all my 'Daddy, I want a pony!' fantasies. I wonder if there's one bow detail too many, but that can be easily rectified by replacing the tie-belt with something studier in contrasting leather. OOH, GET ME WITH MY FASH ADVICE.


NW3 Ponds sandal in blush, £39 (was £139), Hobbs
STAR BUY! More Hobbs NW3, this time a whopping £100 off these Ponds sandals. I really like the blush colour - much easier to wear (not to mention much less Duchess of Cambridge) than all-out nude, and it works with all skin tones and an array of wardrobe choices. I know, I know - I'm recommending a pale suede sandal when the weather's on the turn - but they're an investment, not to mention a most bargainous bargain.

Everlasting stud bow shoe in magenta, £10 (was £25), Miss Selfridge
BEST OF THE REST: Magenta and bows alone would be a bit too girlie for me. The addition of studs elevates these Miss Selfridge flats to shoes I'll happily run around in until I wear them out (I'll more likely walk, actually)... just as soon as they arrive in the post. Grin.

Glitter sneakers, £12.99 (was £24.99), H&M
I own these glittery sneakers from H&M. My mum calls them my Liberace shoes, and for good reason. They instantly transform me into a flamboyant pianist. (Oh, ALL RIGHT. They don't really.) Anyway, you should buy them, and wear them while listening to his rendition of Love Is Blue - which is, incidentally, the best song to make risotto to ever. I know you were searching for the perfect risotto-making soundtrack. You're welcome.


Contrast hedgehog cardigan in navy, £88 (was £110), People Tree
STAR BUY! In my expert opinion, hedgehogs are long overdue A Moment. They've been on my mind quite a bit recently, if I'm honest. I dreamed last week that Mama B and I were in the Great British Bake Off final, and had been asked to create a replica Mount Vesuvius in pastry, filled with spinach lava (!). My mother, in this dream, inexplicably placed a roasted baby hedgehog in the bottom of her spinach volcano, spines and everything. Obviously, I thought she didn't stand a chance of winning, but it turns out Mary Berry was all for roasted baby hedgehogs. So there we go.

Anyway. I adore this hedgehog cardi from People Tree. They've currently got 20% off all their knitwear. And it's also available in a very fetching burnt orange! Now, I know £88 for a cardigan isn't cheap, but it is fair trade, and hand-knitted in Peru and Nepal, providing employment to over 2,500 women. </ethical fashion lecture ends>

Checked cape, £25 (was £55), Oasis
BEST OF THE REST: We're loving capes this week. I like this knitted cape from Oasis for autumn. Wear it now, before the really cold weather hits, and have fun stomping on leaves and swishing around like a caped crusader. Whee!

A|Wear heart jacquard cardigan, £19 (was £30), ASOS
I'm a sucker for a loveheart motif, despite my advancing years. This A|Wear heart jacquard cardigan is a beautiful shade of green, and will brighten up my Sunday casuals no end. 


French Connection bee ring, £8 (was £18), ASOS
STAR BUY! I love Alex Monroe's bumblebee necklace. This French Connection bee ring has an air of it, don't you think? I like the gold and silver combo, and the fact that it's cheaper in the ASOS sale than it is in the French Connection sale. For that alone, we deserve to hand over £8 to ASOS, stat. Bzzz.

Me & Zena Mighty Robot necklace, £15 (was £30), ASOS
BEST OF THE REST: It's a robot. No - it's a mighty robot. I'm not sure I have adequate words to express how much I want this. In fact, I'm just going to poke off for a moment to buy it, before you lot wipe out stocks.

Tatty Devine large watermelon necklace, £40.50 (was £81), House of Fraser
I'm back! This frankly ginormous slice of Tatty Devine watermelon has been on my radar for a while, but at its original price of £81, it was officially Too Expensive By Far. House of Fraser has come up trumps by offering us an equally ginormous 50% off in its Blue Cross Sale! If you prefer a slice of canteloupe, I won't stand in your way.

And finally, a special OH MY GOD IT'S NEARLY DAY OF THE DEAD shout-out to these sugar skull earrings from Tatty Devine's own website: just £9, reduced from £30.

There will be more lovely bargains next Friday lunchtime, m'dears! In the meantime, let me know what you've bought and where else you've been sales shopping. And please don't hate me for making you spend money before payday.


  1. This post has had me in stitches at my desk! Especially the bit about the roasted baby hedgehog!(Not that I condone harm to hedgehogs, mind!)

  2. That first Monsoon dress is fabulous! Been looking for some new cute business casual work wear and this totally fits the bill!

    The whole hedgehog dream made me nearly spit out my tea!! Too funny xxx

  3. "It turns out Mary Berry was all for roasted baby hedgehogs. So there we go."


  4. But the black deco dress? No. The sleeves are too long.

  5. fanks DS... the tatty devine's skull earrings mean my tough to buy for brother's gf's xmas pressie is sorted... x

    1. You're welcome, Anon - glad to have been of assistance!


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