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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Letterpress by Ella Doran

Gosh. This is exactly why I think Ella Doran is Queen of Wallpaper (yes, in my world this is how kings and queens would be decided, Jonathan Adler is King of Butter Dishes). I think you need to see a close up of this letterpress wallpaper so you can see for yourself just how lovely it is.

See?! I absolutely love that Doran opted for the trays rather than the letters, it makes for a much more interesting design. July Holme has a vintage letterpress wallpaper that I really like, but this one stands out for me. The irregular boxy design and tarnished wood colours really work on a paper.

The paper itself? Bloody expensive, sadly. It's £150 for a 10m roll. I'm thinking that this paper might work in fireplace alcoves (no, I'm not saying feature wall, you can't make me say feature wall), so that will at least bring the cost down a little and makes me very tempted, especially for a design by the Queen of Wallpaper.

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