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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Luscious Lingerie: Black Lace

One of the most annoying things about Hallowe'en is the throng of sexy fancy dress outfits making their way down the high street. It's like an Ann Summers flashmob. I'm all for dressing in a sexy outift, but red spandex around your arse cheeks is very rarely sexy. After my little black dress piece yesterday, I thought I should write about a few bits and bobs you can wear underneath your outfit. One place black lace always works is on lingerie. Not to be seen in public, of course.

Oooh, I do like this black lace set by Miss Crofton. It's one of the cheaper sets from If You Please - £56 for the set. 

This lace bodysuit is a great way to make simple jersey underwear a little more interesting. It's £26 from Asos.

It's tiny, lace things like this that make me want to give all of my hard-earned cash to Gilda & Pearl. these are £59 from Glamourous Amourous.

I wish I could afford anything from Fleur of England. I'd snap up everything if I could, starting with this lace short set.

New Look lingerie always looks fantastic,and this black bra is just £12.99.


  1. I feel disturbed... I do like the Glamourous Amourous panties a bit, but aside from these, I find the sheer lace saggy-booby-holders and granny knickers quite vile! And I am sure most men would probably think the same... However, the thing which disturbs me the most, is that the only other thing I could contemplate wearing, is from 'New Look'. Oh, the shame...

  2. To clarify, having had a second look... all the lacy fings for the top half seem to be to cover up very small chests, and the only sexy looking bra-thing, is a photo which does not actually include a chest. Bemused-Person-In-Thirties-With-Normal-Boobies.

    1. It's a bit unfair to say 'normal', Andrea. Sort of implies that anyone with small breasts isn't normal. We feature a lot of lingerie on the website, for a lot of sizes. Some of it won't suit everyone, some of it won't fit everyone. But it's all suitable for 'normal' women.


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