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Wednesday 2 June 2010

Domestic Sluttery guide to house-hunting

They say that moving house is one of life's most stressful events, and having been hard at it for more than six months now I can well believe it. Mortgage applications, budgets, legal fees and the constant worry of it all 'falling through' are not recipes for fun, and the strain can begin to take its toll.

But there are certain aspects of house-hunting that make the whole thing not only worthwhile, but hugely enjoyable too. Here are my top tips for finding a home, with a lifetime of blissful Domestic Sluttery in mind.

Being nosy is fun!

House-hunting provides us with the ultimate opportunity indulge our nosiness. You never know quite what's going to be behind the front door, and so far I've been very surprised to find that the majority of sellers do not take the 'freshly baked bread and candles' approach. On the contrary, the majority seem quite happy to let it all hang out.

Given free reign to explore, you learn a lot about your own home and how it compares to others: it's certainly nice to know that even the smartest homes have a cupboard full of unkempt junk!

What to look for in a home

The first stage in househunting is, of course, drawing up a list of criteria. For most people, this list might start with 'close to transport, separate shower, near good schools, parking space, etc'. But as a Domestic Slut, you may find that your list is a little longer (or just fundamentally different) from the norm.

Domestic Sluts have particular needs over and beyond the usual priorities. In fact, if the place has a Victorian bathtub or a beautiful bay window, all practical concerns are at risk of flying right out of said window!

'Dealbreakers' for domestic sluts are what many would consider 'luxuries', but even on a limited budget, you'll be surprised at what you can find if you're willing to compromise a bit on those boring practicalities. Here are just a few of mine:

Must Haves:

First and foremost, plenty of wardrobe space is essential, whether it comes in the form of a built-in wardrobe you can take over when you move in, or just in enough room to house a roomy cupboard. Bring your tape measure along if necessary, and don't forget to check a wardrobe's height! You do not want to be spending the next few years tripping over your dresses.

A bathtub should be considered a necessity: there is nothing like a relaxing soak at the end of a hard day's work, and the idea of being without one is unthinkable. Showers have their uses, but baths are an indulgence we can't go without. Obviously, a whirlpool bath would be even better, but that goes under 'optional extras'...

Near shops. What are the shops like in the local area? Do some research to ensure you can get hold of any unusual ingredients, utensils or other Sluttery essentials at short notice in case of emergency. If it's a half-hour trek to the nearest well-stocked supermarket, forget it!

A good-sized living or dining room is important, as this is where you'll be doing most of your entertaining. Don't compromise on this one to get a bigger bedroom (unless you plan to do the majority of your entertaining in there!); you'll want space to indulge all your dinner party needs. The kitchen can be a little more bijou, as that's your private space and out of bounds to visitors.

Optional Extras

Original Features. If you can find a property with some well-preserved period features, you'll have an in-built talking point for every guest you invite into your home. An ornate fireplace, vintage-style light fittings, a window seat or any antique furniture you can blag will go a long way in creating a fabulous home. You might need to pay a little more in heating bills if you go for an older place, but won't it be worth it for the character?

Finally, a wine cellar is every Domestic Slut's dream, and admittedly, not many entry-level homes come equipped with one. However, a spare room can be used to store your beloved bottles, and you might also want to think about looking out for an antique drinks cabinet to keep your glassware in mint condition and ready for action at any time. Try freecycle if you can't afford Heals!

Those are just a few of my priorities! If you were hunting for your perfect home, what would go on your list?

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  1. The current list of must-haves, apparently for our next place include: a bigger kitchen as we both like cooking; a dishwasher as neither of us like washing-up; outside space for the moggies; built in storage for clothes.

    Robbing a bank may be the first priority...

  2. Fabulous guide!

    The boy and I often dream of the day we acquire a huge bathroom complete with stand along bath and roomy shower. Kitchen with a breakfast bar and a big parking space so I never ever have to parallel park are also on the list.

  3. I have just moved house (2.5 weeks in, and still boxes...) to a garden flat. Our list was:
    - Must have garden, as we wanted a cat (getting our kitten next week, squeeee!)
    - Larger kitchen than before (we were in an open-plan flat and the kitchen only had about two units of worktop, making cooking a pain)
    - Within walking distance of work
    - Close to amenities - I am a city gal through and through, and the thought of not being able to get milk at half ten at night fills me with cold terror
    - Bath, as above - and good thing too as the shower here is rubbish!

    We got all of the above, and some daylight AND a parking space to boot, all within budget, but we did have to redecorate the whole thing and completely rip out the kitchen and start again. So far we are living with just a mini-fridge and microwave which is not totally thrilling, but I know it will be worth it in the end and I knew there had to be compromise somewhere!

  4. This post really made me smile as we have just returned from looking at a house. This had a great walk in shower in the loft and original fire place but it just didn't click. Am loving being nosey and day dreaming....

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