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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Baking for Beginners: Maple Caramelised peaches

I'm not sure what made me decide to make caramelised peaches. They sounded nice when I read about them in the Guardian, I wanted to cook something sweet, I like caramel. All of those seem like pretty good reasons to me. And they were pretty darn easy too. If you're looking for something to whip up in five minutes, this is it. And it's great if you've got some fruit that needs using up quickly. I'm already eyeing up the rest of the fruit bowl. Can I caramelise a mango?

For two super hungry people, you'll need:
  • Four peaches
  • Maple syrup
  • Butter
  • Splash of vanilla essence (yes, you could use fresh vanilla, but it's really really expensive)
Make it!

Halve the peaches and remove the stones. Pop a little knob of butter in the hole of each half. Drizzle maple syrup and vanilla over the peaches (you could use honey, but I don't like it). Pop in the over on Gas Mark 5 for 20 minutes or so. Once they're all gooey and sticky, serve with double cream or vanilla ice cream, and pour some of the sauce over the top.

This photos is from totalAldo's photostream. I ate all the peaches before I remembered to take a photo of them. Sorry.


  1. They were AMAZING. Who knew I'd prefer fruit over cheesecake?

  2. Bloody hell, these sound delicious. I will definitely be trying these soon. Plus, Mr. Cay is 'allergic' to fruit which means MORE FOR ME.

  3. See what happens when you go on holiday? We have to fend for OURSELVES and make up our own recipes!

  4. I doff my feathered cap to you Siany. DOFF IT. Maybe I should go on holiday more often?

  5. This reminds me of a grilled peaches wrapped in prosciutto salad I've been meaning to make!

    If you want real vanilla that isn't at supermarket ripoff prices I get them off the internet ( - ten big pods for £2.75! Bargainous.

  6. Mangos are perfect for caramalising! Used to live near a couple of mango farms, and get them beautifully fresh, but when you have them in abundance, you need to think of ways to use them all! Beautiful with a creamy vanilla icecream.


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