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Friday 13 August 2010

Ring, Ring: Black Diner Phone

Oh, be still my beating heart. For one of my most ridiculous yet rapturous daydreams involves being in an American diner, snapping gum and whizzing round on rollerskates, slurping ice-cream milkshakes and wearing some sort of diner dress and frilly pinny. And now, thanks to this Diner-style phone from I Want One of Those, I'm one step closer to recreating that fantasy at home.

Mount it to a wall in a hall or kitchen, practise a New York gangster accent, and revel in the fact that despite the phone being kitted out with replica features like instructions, a coin slot and an old-skool rotary dial, it actually works just like any other phone. It's £59.99, but I reckon you'd make that back in no time if you started charging for cheeseburgers.

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