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Wednesday 11 August 2010

Sexy Stationery: The Polaroid Notecard Collection

From cars to cupcakes to cherry blossom, there's something magical about Polaroid photos, whatever the subject matter. So, for all those Polaroid fetishists who haven't got the time, equipment or inclination to get snap-happy taking their own images, Urban Outfitters have released this Polaroid notecard collection. It includes 20 cards and envelopes in a matching presentation box, each one featuring an image by one of sixteen international photographers who collaborated on the project. Perfect for keeping in your desk drawer so you know you'll always have a gorgeous card close to hand for those occasions when you need to send a few short scribbles to friends or family. And it's only £9.99, so you'll easily make your money back by avoiding those last-minute scurries to Clintons for emergency birthday or thank-you cards.


  1. Just bought them! FYI if anyone's thinking of getting them, they're currently £7.60 with free delivery on Amazon. :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, Rachel! Credit-crunch-tastic...


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