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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tea Towel Tuesday: Tea-rex

Oh this dinosaur tea towel is fabulous. And goes straight into our 'things that are better because they have dinosaurs on' file. Look! It's a T-rex, drinking a cup of tea! It's a tea-rex! You see how awesome this is?

I'm guessing Mr. Tea-Rex likes builders tea (he's got that look about him, hasn't he?) and perhaps a custard cream as well. Whatever leaf he likes, I want to invite him for tea.

This is my favourite tea towel so far, and it's just £9.95 from To Dry For. Whilst you're there, check out the very cool dinosaur meat chart too.


  1. Tea Towel Tuesday is proving to be a far too tempting for're provoking a very big tea towel obsession here!

  2. You can always frame them and make them into kitchen art! That means you'll have space for twice as many in the kitchen drawer!

  3. I love this design! I might have to frame it... or get is tattooed

  4. This just reminded me of my favourite book as a child - The Tiger Who Came To Tea. It was lovely.

    I just googled it and it's been made into a play! How fantastic is that?

  5. If you like the Tiger Book, check out the tea set!

  6. I honestly didn't think it was possible to lust after a tea towel, but having just visited I can clearly see I have been living under a pile of hideously plain tea towels... I also didn't ever think I'd be planning to ask for tea towels for Christmas!

  7. Hehe! Tea towels are excellent things. Drying up is the last good thing about them.

  8. Oh my son would love this tea towel design! It's really cool and fun. Love it.


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