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Tuesday 10 August 2010

Sluttery Travels: Fazer Café Helsinki

On a recent jaunt to Helsinki (as you do), I was told in no uncertain terms that when it comes to chocolate, forget Belgium, forget Switzerland, look no further than Finland’s own Fazer Chocolate. Take the taste test, they said, see for yourself.

This is a test that I have spent my whole life studying for. As expected, I received perfect grades.

The Fazer (faht-zer) café, situated at Kluuvikatu 3, Helsinki, is very glamourous indeed. You feel kind of swept away by the old-school layout, but by no means are you distracted from the task at hand. Namely gobbling delicious chocolatey treats.

We happened to be in Helsinki during the hottest summer in memory, so a hot chocolate was about the last thing on my mind, however, I did sample their quintessential chocolate bar. I was not disappointed.

yes we did pick up a *few* bars for the flight home

Fazer it an extremely creamy chocolate. Imagine the creamiest of creamy chocolate and times it by 10. Creamalicious. Not in a totally sickening way either. The kind of chocolate where you know you’re full but somehow just can’t seem to stop. But, and here’s the boon, you don’t feel gross afterwards. You feel...fantastic. It’s like Karl Fazer unlocked the secret of the universe and made his chocolate into some kind of health bar!

Ok. So that may be exaggerating. Just a little. But it still is a delicious treat, and definitely a must-have when in Finland.

Fazer café Flickr image from Bjørn S’ photostream.


  1. This is now on my 'must visit' when I next go to Finland - can't believe I've not been told about it before. My personal favourite Fazer chocolate are the mint 'smarties' - pastel coloured smartie size chocolates with a minty middle. Very addictive!!

  2. Just come back from Helsinki, and did in fact pay homage and eat at the temple of Fazer. Yummy cakes - and kids declared the ice cream "the best".


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