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Thursday 5 August 2010

Pink ladies: Brennan and Burch's Emily bow top

The Pink Ladies or the Heathers, the Runaways or the Shangri-Las, and - of course - the Domestic Sluts, the appeal of a cool gang of girls is undeniable.

Contenders for a hot new kids on the block title are the young ladies featured on this Emily top. From their cute guitar or cupcake patterned t-shirts to their nonchalant hands-in-pocket pose, I definitely want to be in their gang. This top is pretty cool in its own right too, with a high neck at the front and an open back. And, of course, it's pink which is at least one step towards gaining acceptance from Rizzo and Frenchie.

Instant peer group acceptance and it only costs £30.43 from Brennan Burch.

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