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Tuesday 17 August 2010

Clothing Crush: Nadinoo

My last job involved writing endless flow quizzes that purported to reveal the machinations of your very soul via a three-part question process. Usually involving a celebrity puppy. The characters Nadinoo designs for - Pixie, Lula and Fleur - are crying out for this treatment.

Taking a quiz would solve the tricky problem of whether you're a Pixie (quirky, playful and spontaneous), a Fleur (a delicate flower and a dreamer) or a Lula (bold, sexy and cheeky). Then scrap your results and fall in love with Nadia Azruna's gorgeously feminine designs.

It's like the capsule wardrobe of a Enid-Blyton-obsessed Sixties teenager, full of miniskirted tea dresses, delicate blouses, swirly skirts, button-up shorts and pinafores.

With dresses in Topshop's 'boutique' basement heading towards £100, Nadinoo's not-cheap-but-fair prices are just right for beautiful handmade clothes: around £120 for dresses and £80 for blouses.

My favourites are the pale blue petal blouse, navy mini dress and Fleur's sweetheart dress. How about you?

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  1. They're really lovely, and I adore those t-bar shoes the model is wearing. WANT! I think £120 is reasonable for a handmade item like that - I've recently started sewing and, while fabric etc might not be that expensive, the time and effort and love that goes into making a garment is not to be underestimated. A much better spend than £100 in Topshop!


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