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Friday 20 August 2010

What are our favourite treaty foods EVER?

Treaty foods are the best. You've had a bad day, it's raining, or you're just feeling a bit blue. There's nothing that will cheer you up faster than your favourite treaty food. They make the world a better place, even though they're horribly bad for you. Treaty foods are never salad things, are they?

Want to cheer the Domestic Sluts up when we're a bit blue? Here's a handy little guide to making us smile.

Siany: Roast potatoes. Anything potato-based will capture my heart (seriously, you want me smitten? Spuds will probably do it). But roasties are just the best things in the WHOLE WORLD. Especially my mum's. She gets them all crispy, without drying them out, and they're all fluffy and oh, would you look at that, I've bought a train ticket home...

Jane: Cheese! Feta, marscapone, cheesecake, or just plain old cheddar, smothered over toast or pasta, melted into mashed potatoes and generally improving every meal a thousand times over. Cheese is one of my most ardent culinary loves, and I swear if it wasn't for my cheese weakness, I'd probably be at least two stone lighter (although also a lot less happy, I'm sure).

Abi: Chips! I'm afraid to say I do love my salt, and nothing quite excites my tastebuds as much as a plate of sizzling fries with a generous dashing of sodium chloride. If I'm really wanting to treat myself, I'll add in a dollop of continental-style mayo as well, and I like to have a bit of that posh Tiptree tomato sauce close at hand for dipping, too. Gosh, my tummy's growling just thinking about it.

Madévi: Pork products. My father is from Lyon so I must have inherited his charcuterie gene. Whether it's saucisson, a spicy chorizo, or char siu, I can't get enough of the sweet, sweet porky goodness. Sometimes I bring home a packet of pork rinds and eat it alone, in the dark. It's my secret shame. Don't tell anyone.

Alex E: Jaffa cakes do it for me. In fact I'm eating one as I type this. They're chocolatey, but not too chocolatey, and that zingy orange centre is just the best. Just don't ask me to decide if they're a biscuit or a cake.

Sam: Cheese and tomato on toast. Salty salty goodness, and just enough arterial choke-age to be worth it! So easy to make as well, and I nearly always have the ingredients to hand. I love to make the grilled cheese first, then at the last minute add sliced tomato straight from the fridge. It’s a taste sensation!

Sel: Like Jane, I'm hopelessly addicted to cheese. When it comes to treaty cheese though, absolutely nothing beats a fat wedge of stilton, either on a cracker, squished between heavily buttered fresh bread or shoved into my mouth on its own as fast as my fingers can get it there. Or melted with some sautéed mushrooms. Or paired with some roast beef and horseradish. Right, that's it, I'm off to the kitchen!

Frances: Crisps! They're not the most expensive, classy or luxurious treat but - perhaps due to my mum's habit of letting me scoff a packet when I got back from school (Mum, what were you thinking? Not such a healthy habit for a growing child!) - I find them hugely comforting. I'm quite particular when it comes to flavours though. No pretend meat flavours please. A Canadian friend recently brought me back a packet of Lay's dill pickle crisps ... sorry chips. They didn't lay about for long.

What are your favourite treaty foods?

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  1. Can I basically have all of that, on a massive platter, with a huge chunk of freshly baked bread? Please?

  2. Sam, I am so with you, hunny! I would toast mine tho, with some onion & chilli - DEELISHUSs!

  3. 'm a big fan of cooking up a big vat of sweet potato mash with a big hunk of chili salt and lashings of cream blended in!

  4. I'm with Siany - potatoes in any form are the best comfort food ever. Roast potatoes are the best, but I can't make them like my mum so I usually settle for potato wedges from Nando's, fries, or if I'm at home, mash (smothered in cheese sauce). *drool*

  5. Fresh bread & cheese does it for me. Don't care what type of bread or type of cow's cheese. Hate goat & sheep cheese.

  6. Roast beef monster munch, cadbury flakes, or M&S spag bol ready meal! Though given that I love cooking, I suppose these are all guilty pleasures rather than treaty foods... either way, they do the job of cheering me up after a bad day!

  7. Chocolate, chocolate, always chocolate!

    Although I agree that cheese is a marvellous thing. In fact, one of my friends' favourite questions to new people is:
    "If you had to give up one of these forever, which would it be: sex or cheese??!"

  8. Strange that only one of the Domestic Sluts went for anything sweet...

  9. I was thinking exactly the same as Siany - so much love for savoury among the Domestic Sluts. For me it has to be chocolate cake warmed up so the icing melts. Though potato-anything is also usually a good bet... fries, mash, roasties. Mmmm.

  10. I was going to say chocolate, but it’s become a bit of a love / hate relationship. My face hates chocolate, but the rest of me loooooves it.

  11. I have no sweet tooth at all so.... cheeeeeese! Cheese toastie, cheese omelette, four cheese pizza, cheese with pickle slathered on top and eaten standing at the fridge door! I would take pig things (I'll eat anything except the oink - the crispy pigs tails at St John are freakin' amazing), lemons, onions and courgettes to a desert island but the cheese would be the real treat. I will eat it in any of its forms, even Cheesestrings *hangs head in shame*! My treaty guily secret dinner is pasta with tuna mixed in then cheese grated on top and zapped in the microwave until the cheese melts. I let myself have it rarely, calorie-plus, but it's sooooooo good when I do have it. And the ultimate hangover cure.


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