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Monday 23 August 2010

Cosy Penguins

We've featured this gorgeous penguin wallpaper before. I love the penguin wallpaper. Some of you have even let me know that you've decorated with it (including a kitchen wall, very impressive). But it's the penguin blanket that I'm in love with today. It's all rainy and I want to be cosy and my tatty ol' mohair throw just isn't cutting it today.

I want penguins. Don't they look warm and snuggly? It's from Isak and whilst it's £110, it's also 100% wool as well as being dirt repellent. Everything in the world should be dirt repellent. If you need me for anything today, I'll be snuggling under blankets.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! That looks so snuggly and warm and soft and CURSE my allergicness to wool. Boo. I might be able to put up with the itchy red bits for penguins though, Hmm....


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