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Tuesday 10 August 2010

Etsy Pick: Handmade Registry

So what with the wedding coming up very soon (I promise I will stop banging on about the wedding soon - well soonish anyway!) I have been getting a few messages from folk asking if we have a wedding list anywhere. As it happens, we don't and we don't intende to. We both have all the stuff we need really, combining two households recently actually demonstrated that we have plenty more than we actually need if truth be told! Besides, all we really want is for all our fabulous friends and loved ones to rock up to our wedding party when we return and have a whole heap of fun celebrating with us.

But it got me thinking, how amazing would it be if you could set up a registry featuring all your favourite handmade things from Etsy and Folksy? So, in the spirit of research you understand, I decided to pick out a few things that would definitely feature on my handmade registry, you know just in case any of our lovely guests are reading and feel an absolute need to buy us something!

First up, everyone needs a nice bit of the old china on the list and isn't this White and Gold Tea Cup and Saucer from Esther Coombs just adorable? It is available from Esther's Etsy shop and costs $48, which according to Etsy's new currency conversion feature is approximately £31.09

Another range of ceramics to catch my eye was the Alphabet Ceramic Plate Collection from Just Noey. Available on Etsy, each plate costs $33.50/£21.70 - I want them all!

Now on to art! This beautiful Birds on Paper Wire papercut from Mr Yen would look just divine up on the bedroom wall, a snip at just $42/£27.21. If you love papercut work I highly recommend you check out Mr Yen's shop on Etsy right now by the way!

Another piece of artwork that caught my eye was this delightful letterpress piece from AARDVARK, which costs £25 and is available from their Folksy shop here.

And what a lovely sentiment to finish this post on that is!

Disclaimer: should anyone be inspired by this post to set such a thing up I am happy to receive my commission in the form of lots of lovely handmade things. That's a deal, yes?


  1. Oh I couldn't be more in love with that teacup...some beautiful finds!

  2. I'm sure etsy are doing something but I can't find the link - I did find this while looking.

  3. You can use Amazon to set up a wishlist for products from any website already. It's called universal wishlist and I know of at least one friend who's used it for their wedding list to add handmade/etsy things.

  4. I did the Amazon universal wishlist thing for my almost entirely handmade wedding last year and we received all kinds of treasures to kit out our first home together. It takes a little bit of time to pull together, but was well worth it - and a great way to get friends and relatives enthused about quality handmade and design.

  5. I've always thought that the option of setting up a wedding list on etsy/folksy would be fantastic. The Amazon one sounds good, but it'd be even better if the handmade sites set one up themselves! I think they are missing out on the potential wedding market...

  6. Both me and my girlfriend have an alphabet ceramic plate and they are really cool. They are slightly different to this one but we still both really like them. We were bought them for our anniversary about a year ago. Which reminds me it's coming up again soon... Hope you get the stuff you want.


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