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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Pom poms with aplomb: t.b.a. skirt

This skirt from t.b.a. is surely the clothing equivalent of the prim and proper secretary who undoes her ponytail, adds some tinsel and goes wild on the sherry at the office Christmas party.

The skirt's a demure shape, a safe black colour, a modest length and made from a very grown-up silk. So far quite classic but, like our secretary stereotype, possibly a bit dull.

But, whoa there, hold on a second. The skirt's obviously got a crazy party side too ... yes, check out its added mini pom poms. Like when 'Plain' Jane from Neighbours took off her glasses, this simple move transforms the skirt from so-so into a bit of a show stopper. How can any skirt with added fluffy balls fail to get the party started?

Though it's only August, if Ms. Secretary she wants to make a pom pom-aided splash this Christmas she'd better save up her pennies - the skirt costs £115. I plan on doing the same.

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