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Monday 16 August 2010

Come Fly with Me: Vintage Flight Accessories

Somedays, all a girl wants outta life is to be a classy dame. I discovered these gorgeous vintage flight accessories from Context Interiors, on a rainy day in Edinburgh when I was feeling particularly un-classy. Somehow the thought of vintage travel makes the rain and the cold and the ruined hair all seem okay.....

This polished aluminium plane stand is a replica of a 1950’s Constellation plane, hovering over a stylised globe base. It’s the perfect gift for that man in your life, who subtly needs to Mad Men-it-up. For £35, you may have the next Don Draper on your hands.

Flying often does mean getting up at ridiculously early times. Ungodly times, even. At least when you prise your eyes open on the morning of your flight you have this little beauty to thank for waking you. It’s £49.

Sometimes travel is so stressful that the only way to recover is to plan your next holiday. This On Top Of The World Globe
is just the ticket for rainy day dreams of warmer climates.

The best bit has to be when you get back, invite all your friends around for cocktails, and show off your globe saying “I’ve been there, been there, been there” and drive them all bonkers for the next 6 months. Just like my Dad used to do.

It’s £59, and worth every penny of smug satisfaction.


  1. oooooooooooh ... got to get me one of those vintage planes. Are they heavy ? Can I convince my sister to bring one back on her next overseas trip in November ?
    Some great finds Sam, love checking out some of your more quirky items.

  2. They’re not too heavy :) I think definitely an acceptable sister-buying weight!


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