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Friday 13 August 2010

Etsy Pick: Monogrammed Spoon Bangle

I have to make a confession. I am one of those horrible people who never have any idea what to get someone for their birthday, and then spend about a week pestering them asking, ‘but what do you really want?’ until they snap and just tell me. I do, however, stop short of getting gift vouchers. There’s hope for me yet. Just.

But I think this Monogrammed Spoon Bangle may just be the answer to my ongoing problem.

Spoon bangles themselves are nothing new, but I think it’s kooky enough to be a special present, and you can have any monogram or initial engraved for that extra personal touch (by which I mean, buy one for all your girlfriends and don’t tell *wink*)

Look at that gorgeous handle! I want that wrapped around my wrist! The seller, SpoonerZ uses stainless steel spoons, so you can enjoy maximum biffing-about and minimum maintenance.

They are $39.99 USD (£26) on Etsy.


  1. Oh my good god. I've jsut fallen completely and utterly in love. And the fork bangle in her shop is almost better - oh, payday, why are you SO far away?!! I don't really wear bracelets because of the jangling when typing, but for these I could make the exception!

  2. That fork bangle is awesome! I just wouldn’t want to get stabbed in the arm....isn’t she clever!

  3. wonderful example of recycling and the personalised element really adds to it.

  4. Very Uri Geller.


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