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Friday 6 August 2010

What's our favourite type of tea?

If there's one beverage that's supped more than any amongst the Domestic Sluts, it would be gin champagne tea. And whilst all of us would no doubt agree that there are different types of tea, for different types of hangovers moods, we all have one that we keep going back to. Twenty billion times a day.

Siany: You can't beat a mug of English Breakfast. Stop drinking that Earl Grey. Put it down. It's not real tea. Seriously, it's rare I'm drinking anything else. I don't care if it's not breakfast time. Breakfast tea is clever. It's got a bit of a punch, but the punch comes from flavour, rather than strength. I like that. Belle Vue please, half a spoon of sugar.

Jane: Although I'll happily drink builder's tea all day long, once it gets dark outside, I've developed something of an affection for Twinings camomile, honey and vanilla tea. This has the nickname 'magic tea' in our house because it's sweet and comforting, but you can drink it until you're in your duvet with the light off and you'll still be able to sleep.

Gail: I'm not really a tea fan but I was introduced to Mariage Frères and some kind of magical marvellous carmel loose tea that they do which was deeply flavoured and mellow. Or if I'm feeling particularly nostalgic for home, I quite like a cup of Barry's Tea - as favoured by Gisèle Scanlon, the Domestic Goddess.

Sam: I’m with Siany on the English Breakfast front. I used to be a milk and 2 sugars girl, then cut down to just milk. I’m currently experimenting with the whole black-with-lemon-and-honey extravaganza, which makes a change, even if I do remain unconvinced at present.

Frances: I've a feeling Siany might disapprove but I'm partial to a spot of Lady Grey. Worthy of putting in your finest vintage china, it's the more delicate version of Earl Grey and is scented with lemon, orange and cornflower. Delicious.

Michelle: Go Team English Breakfast, I'm with you all the way, preferably Twinings. I like my tea with milk but never ever any sugar - seriously, even if you use a spoon that has stirred another cup containing sugar before mine I will be able to tell.

Gemma: I don't drink tea. Or coffee. Feel free to unfollow me on twitter now.

Alex S: Earl Grey all the way! After years of drinking boring Tetley's, being introduced to this lightly flavoured tea was a revelation. And other than shaking things up with a cup of English Breakfast now and again, that is the only tea I'll drink. Unless I'm ill, in which case I'll have green tea with a twist of lemon sweetened with honey. That'll cure what ails you.

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  1. English breakfast tea is the best. Nothing beats it served in a little cup with some little cakes. Yum.

    The cakes are not in the tea by the way....

  2. Assam tea for me! It's yummy.

  3. Earl Grey certainly IS real tea, especially when served black and with a slice of lemon.

  4. I actually really like Lady Grey, I just need a little more of a kick in the morning :-)

  5. Yorkshire tea!!!!! Like me, it is from Yorkshire, where tea time is me time. :)

  6. I love Chai but Lady Grey is good too.

  7. Other than the usual (Twinings Everyday being my fave) then I do love a cup of red tea. Lipton do a lovely one (the box I've got have really pretty fabric bags too) try with sugar, no milk tis fab x


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