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Thursday 19 August 2010

Lovely Lipstick: Topshop's Flame Lip Stick

I've been trying to find the perfect red lipstick since way before it became associated with all things retro (this year, a stylish friend tried to persuade me to attend an interview in red lippie and rollers 'because then they'll know you like vintage'). My first was (probably) from the Body Shop and (definitely) looked terrible. I've ploughed through the classics - Chanel, MAC's Russian Red - and nothing suited my very pale skin.

Typically, my dream red is not by Chanel, MAC or any other fancy brand but by Topshop. When Topshop first announced a makeup line, I was suspicious - it seemed like an exercise in brand extension. But then I saw the products: beautiful packaging, lovely colours and decent prices.

This Lip Stick in Flame is a bargainous £7 and is (for me) the perfect dark-rose red. Best of all, it's a stick so you can outline your lips first, and then fill them in. It gives a glossy, gorgeous colour and I think I might have finally cracked wearing red lippie without looking like a clown.


  1. I've never worn red lippie (blonde hair, pale skin) - this might just convince me to try it.

  2. but does it stay on??? this is a key factor in my decision to buy it...

  3. I'm with Saz. Lipcote doesn't work with every brand.

  4. Definitely worth a try - much prefer lip pencils and this may work for extra pale skins...

    If we do buy it we should pop back and add our feedback, methinks.

  5. I'm wearing it today - I've eaten coffee and a muffin and it's still on, just not as glossy. It's SO easy to put on too.

    For reference, I'm pale with dyed reddy/browny hair and blue eyes :)

  6. Ooh... great to know for when I come to London next month. As a fellow very pale girl, might I also recommend Mystic by MAC? It's been my go-to red for the last 10 years or so...
    Rebecca in Toronto


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