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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Charming Charcuterie: Unearthed Foods

When the kind people at Unearthed Foods offered to send me some of their tasty treats, there was no question about my accepting. A UK-based continental food brand, Unearthed charcuterie is available from Waitrose, Ocado, Abel & Cole and independent delicatessens across the country.

Their foods include classic and authentic ingredients, regionally-sourced to provide a strong and eclectic mix of tastes and flavours from all over the world. My box of goodies, which arrived beautifully packaged, included barrel-aged feta, hot chilli olives, Spanish chorizo, Serrano ham and a selection of other cured, cooked and downright delicious meats, as well as a sexy wooden board to present and serve them all on.

As well as the ready-to-eat treats that I received, the Unearthed range also includes dishes for cooking, such as pork meatballs in chipotle sauce and bean tapas with manchego. Whether for snacking or cooking, all the Unearthed foods have been carefully selected so that they're easy to prepare and share. I took my box of treats on a weekend away to visit a friend in her new home. And what a feast we had. The barrel-aged feta was perfect in our avocado salad, and although I wimped out and separated the chillis from the fiery olives, both were soon demolished between mouthfuls of meat and red wine.

I'd definitely recommend Unearthed, their snacks are ideal for lazy hostesses like me and perfect for feasting on. All you need to do is buy the bread and booze to go with them, and you'll be set for an evening of food, banter and fun. Just don't blame me if you decide to finish off those chillis at 3am when all the booze is gone.

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