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Friday 6 August 2010

Sluttery travels: Cacao et Chocolat, Paris

Parisian are obsessed with the "best of" food. They like to argue about who makes the best baguette, the best lemon tart, the best éclair. When it comes to the latter, let me tell this: they are all wrong. Carette? Hmph. Genin? PAH. Hermé? Don't make me laugh.

The best éclair in Paris comes from Cacao et Chocolat, a small boutique chain that specializes in exotically sourced chocolate products. It's a warm and welcoming space, rich with the heavy smell of chocolate in its many beautiful forms: chocolate by the morsel, chocolate by the slab, even free chocolate by the counter where you can sneakily stuff your face if you bring a friend to distract the salesperson.

Try to exercise some restraint. This is what we are here for:

Hello, handsome. You are large. You are firm. Covered in good icing, not that generic, sickly nonsense others use. You are filled with a dense, intensely flavoured, delicious cream that I will one day crack the secret of. You are dark chocolate or cappuccino. You are passion fruit and milk chocolate. I dream of you. I pine for you. I long for you. I nom nom nom you. 

If you would like to nom nom nom this éclair on your next visit, Cacao et Chocolat has three Parisian stores on rue Vieille du Temple, rue de Buci, and rue de Saint Louis en L'Ile. 


  1. Only the dark chocolate one will do for me. So bitter, so toothsome, so much better than any eclair you have ever tasted anywhere in this or any other life.

    ...I want one!

  2. I desperately want my death certificate to state “death by chocolate"


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