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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Natty Necklace: Souvenir Necklace by Tatty Devine

Being the seasoned traveller that I *ahem* am, I have learned the hard way what a bad idea souvenirs are. Bad Bad Bad. Always with a capital B.

You think at the time that it’s so cute and that it you don’t get it you’ll forget the wonderful time that you had, but it’s just not true. What happens is that they go into a box that you you do forget about, until you do a spring clean. Then you hate yourself, for spending €5 on a fridge magnet.

Having said that, I do actually love this souvenir necklace by English company Tatty Devine. Possibly enough to take it home....It’s acrylic, it’s handmade by an independent company and it’s all self referential and lovely. It’s also £18, but still, it is a souvenir that keeps on giving.

I swear it is.

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