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Thursday 3 November 2011

Etsy Pick: Emma Block

I've featured Emma Block's work before, but I don't ever tire of it. Her work is whimsical, quirky and rather fun. Next week we're even reviewing Tea & Cake - a wonderfully pretty book that she illustrated and her drawings even adorn my business cards. I like this girl, and I'm thrilled she's finally got more work in her Etsy shop.

This original robin's nest copper engraving is cute! It's roughly £25.

How about this print of two ladies having tea? it's around £10. You can't even buy tea and cake for ten quid these days.

I never get bored of Emma's Red Riding Hood interpretation.

How about some gorgeous cards to post?

I've definitely got my finger hovering over the buy button on the Red Riding print. It's adorable, and the big bad wolf is rather cute.

Got any other illustrators on Etsy that I should know about? I want to fill the walls of Sluttery HQ with beautiful prints.

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  1. The most beautiful illustrations are available at Artandghosts - wonderful,atmospheric


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