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Friday 4 November 2011

Ooh! Ah! Fireworks!

I always look forward to Bonfire Night, with the delirium of a six year old. Though if your local council, like mine, has to cancel the fireworks this year because of cuts - well, that's really no fun at all. Sad faces all around.

For your own lasting display, how about these Tatty Devine Swarovski earrings? They're reduced in the sale here to £37.80 and they'll sparkle for ever.

If you are going to be able to go out and watch whizz, boom, bang, wheeeee this weekend, you'll need something to stave off the chill and keep you well insulated. You can put on extra layers, or do what we did last year...

Bring along a flask, like this great Scrabble one from Wild and Wolf, £16.95. Fill it with Hot Buttered Rum or Boozy Hot Chocolate and your cockles will be warmed all evening.

And if you're lighting your own bonfire, don't forget to check for hedgehogs. This acrylic wall clock, £18.50 from London Etsy sellers Big Bad Wolf Design would remind you, as well as telling you when to start the party . He's called Stuart, which is the best name for a hedgehog ever. Unless maybe he'd been called Guy?


  1. Oh my God I OWN that thermos! I'm so ready for fireworks. Also, I want those earrings immediately.

  2. Sad faces indeed. We've had to invest in the most rubbish indoor fireworks we could find, to relive the childhood excitement/disappointment. Also, just me or does that 'hog look a bit like he's had an unfortunate encounter with a lorry?


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