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Friday 4 November 2011

Please Mr Postman look and see ... is there some chocolate for me?

Ever since our Paper and Penmanship event back in September, the Sluts have been all a-flutter. We've been returning to good-old ink and parchment, putting Bic biro to spiral notepad and etching chalk into board ever since. We've been sending letters, receiving postcards and generally falling in love with Royal Mail all over again. We didn't think that post could get any better.

How wrong we were.

We heard, on the grapevine, as you do, that you can get CHOCOLATE delivered TO YOUR HOUSE. Lordy. Turns out this mythical mention dismissed as a beautiful dream is, actually, a true fact. We know this because it happened to us.

Not that many days ago I was busy beavering away in my office when I heard the gentle rap-rap on my slightly knackered front door. I found the lovely postwoman on my doorstep clutching a teetering tower of letters, bills, Amazon purchases and, atop the pile, a strange brown paper package. I knew not what it was.

On closer inspection (for "closer inspection" read "after ripping the paper off it"); I found that I was holding in my hand the stuff of legend, the weavings of a dream ... I was holding postal chocolate. It turns out that someone wanted to make my dreams come true. Not only had they sent me unsolicited chocolate (this alone is enough for me to be your pal for life); but a little note inside the packet informed me that I'd be receiving a package just like this one EVERY MONTH for a whole YEAR. Capitalisation overload.

Hotel Chocolat and The Chocolate Tasting Club offer this service, and the array of choice is quite astounding. Of particular note is the way that The Chocolate Tasting Club give you a range of both classic chocolate and outlandish, exciting and revolutionary flavours to try. You can then provide them with your feedback, and become something of a chocolate connoisseur to boot!

Now, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I don't see how I can possibly give my full and honest opinion about who's service is best until I have tried them all ... hmm ... on second thoughts, I am kinda attached to my waistline, so maybe copious amounts of chocolate endlessly arriving at my front door isn't the best idea. But, boy, wouldn't it be nice?

A three-month chocolate subscription starts from £54.

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