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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Awesome Twitter Stuff

Hand-stitched I need Twitter sampler, £13, Purple Thread Designs
Today I posted my 40,000 tweet on Twitter. I know! What have I been doing, right? Well, no. We know that from talking to you on the @DomesticSluts Twitter account that you're not only massive fans of it, but brilliant at it to boot. Friends! Jobs! Housemates! Gossip! News! You can get everything on Twitter and it's making me slightly misty-eyed just thinking about it.

Rather inevitably there's a lot of crap that's being sold in the name of Twitter, but I thought today I'd pick out a few of my absolute favourites. That sampler up there? That's essentially me.

This marvellous Twitter cushion is £30 from Jeanette Hall's Folksy shop Audacious Textiles. I love the button on the bird's eye, and the sewn-on writing and birdcage - pretty much everything.

Hilarious prints-time now. The Twitter account Irkafirka, run by Nick Hilditch and Chris Bell, is dedicated to picking a vivid tweet every day, and illustrating it. They've slowed down a bit recently due to babies and so on, but you can buy excellent prints from their Zazzle store, or just have a good chuckle by going through their archives. (I got firked once. The print is sitting on my bedroom floor in a gold frame waiting to be magicked onto the wall.)

I have wanted a tweet towel (click to enlarge it, it's very pretty) for a-g-e-s! It's £12.50 from We Are What We Do, and you can personalise it with a username and your own message which is then embroidered on. Super cute.
 This is a bit naughty as it's currently out of stock, but I bet that if you dropped Folksy designer Alex Snowdon a line, she'd print you another one. This adorable tweet card is £2.95.

Happy tweeting everyone! See you on Twitter x

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  1. Happy Tweeting to you too!

    Amy x

    (Purple Thread Designs)


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