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Monday 11 June 2012

Sluttery by Post: Farmison Cheese boxes

It's hard to beat getting a box of bread in the post. Any kind of surprise carb package will put a smile on the face of any Domestic Slut. But Farmison have done just that. You know what I'd like in the post (just slightly) more than a box of bread?

A box of cheese.

Farmison work with small artisan food producers to bring you the very best goodies from around the country (it's not just cheese, but I've become blind to all over things in my excitement). You can go for one of the pre-picked speciality cheese boxes, or you can play pick 'n' mix and choose a whole bunch of your favourites. (I'm sorry, I've picked all of the brie.)

This isn't the place you'd come for your standard cheddar. Farmiston are a little more specialised than that - you'll get names you recognise like Colten Basset stilton, but also the wonderfully-named varieties Criffel and Mimolette (there are plenty more where they came from). If you're the type to buy a cheese from the counter in Waitrose just because you've never heard of it before, this will be like a little cheesy paradise for you.

This might even be what I buy my dad for Father's day. Especially since you get £10 off your first order. What says 'I love you, you're bloody ace' more than a cheese coma delivered right to your door?


  1. My cheese loving friend just got engaged, and now I have found the perfect gift to sent him! Thanks!


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