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Friday 8 June 2012

Not Your Average Father's Day Cards

With just over a week to go until Father's Day, it seems every shop in the world is suddenly tailor-made for The Dad. The problem is, I panic when time is running out, and I either end up buying him one of those seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time gifts or I'll cave and check his Amazon wishlist for CDs. Bad, bad daughter.

If there's one thing I'm determined to get right, it's the card. I'm sick of soppy 'You're the Best Daddy Ever!' cards (you know, the ones that come with badges), and so I've been on the lookout for cards to match my Dad's kooky, silly sense of humour. 

Door 77 have always been good at being so simple it's genius, and their Father's Day range is no different. I'm sorely tempted by the You Know Everything About Everything card. It's £3.50, and will remind my Dad that I don't mind when he talks over the exciting bit of Whitechapel to tell me how many streets away from his old office the characters are. Even if I do shush him.

Crass Stitch Cards from Manchester are on the right side of cheeky. Ever so slightly ridiculous, I think the Yeah Cheers Dad cross-stitch card might still take pride of place on the mantelpiece. It's £3.50 from their Folksy shop.

Made by B knows how to say it without words: a pint card. They have various UK stockists including in-store at Selfridges and Liberty.

One of my all-time favourite family photos hangs on my wall to this day: we're all standing on a sparkly-lit pier at night, with rosy cheeks and sweet smiles. Except my Dad and me: we're on the end doing ridiculous gurn-faces and showing everyone up. That's why this Spike Milligan quotation card by Alislaaax on Etsy is perfect. And only £1.75 with £1 shipping.


  1. Finally, decent fathers day cards solved. Now I don't have to make one.

    1. You usually make yours? That's really cute!


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