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Monday 25 June 2012

Dream Dress: Sexy, sparkly shoulders from Dorothy Perkins

Shoulders are the part of a dress that's all too often ignored, but they really shouldn't be. Shoulders are sexy. They're sexy when your jumper just ever-so-casually falls and flashes a bit of skin as you walk past cute office boy (yeah, you keep pretending that was an accident), they're sexy when you're wearing a demure dress and have a little bit of a cut out. They're not sexy when they're sunburnt, so don't forget your sun cream.

They're very sexy when they've got a little bit of sparkle on them.

I love this pink chiffon dress and can't quite believe that it's from Dorothy Perkins. It's so very simple and classy. You'd out dress Kate Middleton if you turned up to a party wearing this, but it's not so fancy that you'd cry if you accidentally threw your cheap wine all over it. Sexy sparkly dresses that I can get drunk in without worrying are basically my favourite.

It's £42 and it's definitely a pay day dress. Your shoulders will thank you.

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