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Friday 22 June 2012

Sluttery By Post: Fudge Kitchen

Of all of the postable treats, fudge is one that I'm surprised I don't see very often. It lasts for ages. It could get lost in the post for days and it'll still taste good. It's the kind of thing that I would really want a box of. I might struggle polishing off a massive box of cakes or biscuits by myself (no, I'm not sharing), but you can nibble at fudge and take your time.

It's the forgetful person's dream snack.

Fudge Kitchen lets you make up little boxes of fudge, just like you can in those old fashioned sweet shops (if you're nice to the man in the Humbug shop in Greenwich market, you get extra pieces packed into your fudge box).

You can build your own box, with each piece weighing in at 175grams - quite a hefty chunk. Want four pieces? That'll cost you £16. Six pieces is £22. I've checked, they have rum 'n' raisin, which is clearly the best fudge flavour out of all the fudge flavours.

Not just slices of fudge! There's drinking fudge, fudge sauces, special fudge treats (they recently had a strawberries and cream Jubilee-themed fudged) and even a fudge making kit for you to make your own at home. That would be the very best treat. Or you could follow our chocolate and mint fudge recipe.

If you want to cheer someone up today, send them some fudge. Sometimes it's better than cakes.

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