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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Etsy Pick: Kitsch Bitch

Never let it be said that here at Domestic Sluttery we are not afraid to exhibit our geeky and silly sides. In fact, sometimes we positively revel in it. For days when we just want a subtle nod to this, we need Kitsch Bitch. Personally I need this My Little Pony necklace. It's £7.90.

We've not shown you any cute foxy things lately have we? Oh, look! This little chap would cheer up any outfit. He's £7.90 too.

If you're more of a gamer, you'll find it pretty hard to resist Mario.

He's a bit more expensive at £16.50 but there's a lot more work involved. 

All these pieces are made by Kerry Callaghan in Glasgow. One of the other things I like about her stuff is that it's all grouped by colour making it easy to find something to match or clash as you see fit. She makes earrings, hair accessories and bracelets too and ships internationally.


  1. Oh my word! Those pieces of jewellery ALL are equally appealing to me and my daughter (aged 7). I am welling up a bit at the thought of our very first shared accessories, as opposed to her wearing Mama's jewels and heels for dressing up. (By 'jewels', I really mean 'stuff from TopShop', but it doesn't sound the same.)

    1. I have a 7 year old too - she's already earmarked the fox one for Christmas! Santa thinks she can have it if she shares it with me!

  2. Saw I had traffic from here, thanks so much for the awesome article :)

    I shall have a poke round your blog, I spy cake at the side, is a good omen

    Kerry x

    1. You're very welcome Kerry! There's LOTS of cake and other good stuff - enjoy poking about!

  3. Love this stuff! Thanks for sharing!....coming to find you on Etsy Kerry!
    I find it a massive compliment actually when kids love my stuff..... they don't know quite how to be tactfully polite like 'grown ups' so I know they mean it!


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