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Friday, 29 June 2012

Lovi Birch Ply Moomin Family

Oh, Moomins. The cutest weird little things of all. They like cloudberries and top hats and they're almost-but-not-quite hippos. Moonminpappa is my favourite, it's the hat.

I'm still on the hunt for new desk toys (I ate the llama biscuits), but I think Lovi Birch have the answer. I want to make a Moomin Family! There's Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden and Moominmamma! (Does this make any sense to people who didn't watch Moomins on the telly? I might has well be saying Wafflemuffin, Snarkgoblin and Trollgubbins.)

Each little ply figure is pre-cut, so you just need to slot them all together in the right order. Then you get to play little Moomin sketches in the middle of conference calls. No one will know that you hiding Snarkmaiden behind your in-tray and making Moominpappa pick up your paper clips.

You can buy the whole Moomin family from Scandinavian design company Hus & Hem. I'm gonna.


  1. I'm not sure I can continue through life without these.

  2. LOOOOOVE The Moomins!!! These are brilliant! I would also like a Little Mi and Snuffkin (is it wrong that I really fancied Snuffkin as a child, along with Robin Hood as a fox in the Disney version?).
    I've been wanting all the Moomin china from Skandium for ever, but these are a bit more affordable!

  3. This all makes perfect sense, the Moomins are wonderful, and so are these lovely figures. But I do think that now that you've invented them, you need to write a story about Wafflemuffin, Snarkgoblin and Trollgubbins!

    And no, @underaglasssky, there is nothing wrong with fancying Snufkin, he is a mysterious romantic poet in the great tradition of, oh all sorts of romantic poet types. They should definitely make a Snufkin and a Little My!

    1. Actually, they sound like they'd make an excellent story.

      *writes instant children's classic*

    2. I agree! I especially like Wafflemuffin.

  4. I love the moomins but these are a bit scary...

    1. I think the slight scariness matches the sheer oddness of the books, which I adore. They're so much darker than the TV show, which was also awesome.


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