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Monday 11 June 2012

Dream Dress: Topshop Sequin Skater Dress

Bleurgh. Rain, drab, puddles, being poked in the face with umbrella spikes (seriously, stop that). This week has got off to a rather soggy start. As soon as it rains, we all start looking a little bit grey. Everyone grabs the nearest warm thing and hope that no one notices that half of the buttons on your winter coat have fallen off.

There is no finer way to fight rainy, grey weather than with sequins. Loads of them. IN YOUR FACE, RAIN. I'm planning on battling wet weather with this sequin skater dress from Topshop. I'd almost be tempted to throw a jumper over it and wear it during the day.

Check out the back, it's super sexy:

You'd totally forget about the rain once you were wearing this. You wouldn't even care that the van driving past the bus stop just splashed you and your shoes are soaked through (alright, you might care a little bit, it's just sequins not actual magic and pixie dust). You'll be the happiest person in the rain, and absolutely definitely the most sparkle.

It's £80 (about 0.02p per sequin) and it's totally brightened up my Monday.

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