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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Sluttishly Snug: Anorak Stag Blanket

I'm not fighting the rubbish weather anymore. I know, yesterday I showed you sparkles and sunshine yellow teacups but I've looked at the weather forecast and it's basically going to rain until 2046. So instead, I'm snuggling.

Snuggling is the best. You can be having a perfectly happy ol' time. Sitting on your sofa, drinking a cuppa. Then BAM! You grab a blanket and suddenly you're 87% happier. (That's an official Domestic Sluttery statistic.) You can be on a long car journey and then BAM! A blanket makes your number plate games even more fun. They're also handy for insisting on staying outside

I'm planning on spending all of my pocket money on this Anorak stag blanket. It's 100% lambswool, so it'll be the softest thing you've ever had wrapped around you (there's nothing worse than a scratchy blanket). Worth the £120 price tag? If 'summer' continues like this, it most certainly will be.

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