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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Sluttery by Post: The Fine Oil and Spice Company

I'm a firm believe in good salt. You can ruin a fabulous meal with crap salt. I was mocked once for spending £6 on a jar of the stuff (I was mocked even more when if was one of the kitchen things that got lost in the move). You might think that's extravagant, but if you've ever roasted pork with rubbish salt, you'll understand. If I've spent £20 on a piece of pork belly, I'm not going to throw any ol' rubbish over it.

I like crackling too much for that. And baked potatoes for that matter.

I've been aware of The Fine Oil and Spice Company for a while now, but it's not very often I'm in the market for posh salt - it lasts bloody ages, assuming you don't leave it in a box somewhere. Now i am, I've got my eye on one of their salt and pepper gift boxes.

What's in the box? (Not 1p, this isn't Deal or No Deal.) There are two salt and pepper boxes, which I'm absurdly excited by. You can get rosemary and garlic salt (OH HELLO!), basil salt, green peppercorns and lemon pepper and something very fancy called Baies Rose. The boxes are less than a tenner.

Sure, it's expensive for salt. Don't put it on your chips, you crazy fool, save it for those special occasions. This box will last you months and it's definitely worthwhile.

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