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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Etsy Pick: Lego USB sticks from Brickheads

I'm forever losing my USB stick. You wouldn't believe the racket I made in the weeks leading up to handing in my dissertation (I did find it... eventually), but you'd think an experience like that would make me learn, right? Hell to the no.

So I've decided I need to have a reason to keep hold of my technological essentials, and have been on the hunt for stylish alternatives to your average USB.

The people behind Brickheads are a toy-loving couple who like to recycle lego into all things splendid (their jewellery is particularly kitsch - LOOK, a female spaceranger lego necklace!), but they now also do lego USB sticks in various kooky lego-like guises. Marv!

My favourite is the Lego surfer girl USB - 4GB of storage and such a jaunty expression on her face. She even comes with her own little surfboard to hold. She's £20 with only £1.30 shipping - I can't imagine I'll lose her very easily.

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