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Monday 25 June 2012

Build Your Own Safari

Following Siany telling us about safari in Kent, we decided that giraffes would make the best pets largely based on how awesome they'd be to ride into work instead of getting the train or bus. Imagine if everyone commuted by giraffe! Sadly, this isn't really possible. What is possible though is building your own little safari out of plywood. 

These slot-together kits are aimed at kids but why should they get the fun of building a giraffe and painting it ridiculous colours? I'd quite like a purple and yellow giraffe. And maybe a blue polka dot rhino. You get a giraffe, elephant, rhino, camel and what I think is supposed to be a lion which is a good start to your own little menagerie.

Want to build your own safari? Of course you do. The kit is £39.95 and available from 95% Danish.

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  1. I have a desk devoid of desk toys. I think we know how this afternoon's shopping is going to pan out...


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