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Monday 18 June 2012

Dream Dress: Joy Bird Print Dress

I'm not usually a massive fan of beige. Even the word is a little bit yawn, isn't it? But I needed a new 'I work in an office now' dress and the bird print on this little number caught my eye in JOY. The fluttery navy birds really stop it from being drab, and the cute floaty fabric stops it being too 'officey'.

Instead, it's a cute option that you can smarten up with a jacket, or keep casual. The beige isn't too beige... I'm pale and sort-of blonde and usually nude and pale shades wash me out. Instead, the touch of orange in the fabric really lifts it. I'm a bit in love.

Until it comes to the lining. It's that rubbish silky kind of lining that means it rides up. Actually, without tights, I think you'd have real trouble with it. But since it's damn cold outside and winter has got her nasty little clutches firmly into June, I have still been wearing tights. Bloody ridiculous.

It's £39 and I've worn it out three times since buying it a week ago. It's a gorgeous little frock, even though beige isn't a colour I usual go for.


  1. Very pretty,
    thinking of buying this.

  2. What colour tights have you worn it with?

    (Should point out I'm not a dodgy ol' perve rubbing my thighs...I get a bit confused whether wearing black with navy is 'okay'. )

  3. (and brown. Are black tights okay with brown shoes/boots? *just stays in pyjamas for rest of life.*

    1. I last wore this with black tights and brown shoes. Everyone gave me compliments. Despite it being a beige dress, it doesn't look beige. It's more... not quite orange, not quite cream. I think that helps lift it.

      We like breaking rules on DS - Basically if you think something looks good, it probably does. It you're not quite comfy, get changed.

      Also, seamed stocking would look very foxy with it. That's never a bad rule - if in a doubt, go with a seamed stocking.


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