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Friday 29 June 2012

Picturesque Print Swimsuits

I'm all excitable this morning. This is partly due to the fact I've already had four coffees, but is mostly because tomorrow, for the first time in three years, I'm having a whole week away. Which exotic climes am I jetting off to? Well, Norfolk. But still: exciting.

Norfolk = beaches, and whether the weather holds up or not I am going to be paddling in the sea. So I'm buying a new swimsuit. But I don't want just any old plain or flowery number - I'm all over the statement print swimsuits that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

I've been searching around, and probably the best, most statementy one I can find is this absolute cracker from Anthopologie.The Divinity One-Piece is celestial, a bit bonkers and also doing good: part of the proceeds from designer Lisa Blue's work goes to the Australian Whale Conservation Society. It's £148.00, which is sadly a bit out of my price-range, but I've found some other ace prints that are a lot more affordable.

Elizabeth's flamingo fashion post last month made my June. And now I've found another flamingo piece to tempt me: this flamingo print halterneck swimsuit from Marks and Spencer. It's £35.00.

I know I said nothing flowery but look at the stunning print on this Madina swimsuit from Ted Baker. It's even sexier because it's half price at just £40.

This beach scene swimsuit from ASOS is so pretty it might actually outshine your surroundings (well, especially in Norfolk). And it's only £18.00!

Lastly, I am in love with this moody cloud and giant parrot combination that River Island have come up with. It's £21 and you can buy it via ASOS.


  1. I keep promising myself that I'll go swimming to keep fit. Maybe one of these swimsuits will actually persuade me into the water?

  2. That Ted Baker swimsuit is gorgeous! So gorgeous you've prompted me to buy my first one-peice since I was about 13. And it comes in cup-sizes! Amazing! The others are lovely too...

    I really don't need a new swimsuit...

  3. I love the fact that one-pieces are back in fashion ... and they are really fun! I'm not a big bikini fan so these designs please me greatly!

  4. Love them. Actually love them. Never sure about cut out bits, though.

    1. Yes, I always imagine that type on me, but with bulgy flesh poking out of the holes.

  5. And I NEED that flamingo suit. I have no sunny holiday planned this year, and no swimming for the foreseeable, but man I need it.


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