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Wednesday 20 June 2012

Bag Lust: Breagha

It seems strange to recommend Harris Tweed in summer. Tweed and sunshine aren't usually friends, they become itchy, bitchy little enemies. Then Breagha came into my life and the colours are so sunny that I refuse to wait until it rains before I share them with you.

Breagha (pronounced bree-ha) are producers of 'handmade bags and other delightful things'. And they are delightful, aren't they? This yellow satchel is screaming sunshine at me.

Hot pink tartan totally works for sunny weather. Don't argue with me, don't fight it, you know it's true.

This iPad case is so cute.It'll still go with all of your summery outfits - bright blue always does. Everything will work in winter as well. Yep, they're a keeper.

The iPad cases are £55, the satchels £125. There are some iPhone cases as well (I can't find any prints that I like - I want more bright colours!), and they're just £30. Harris Tweed is such a renowned brand - the tweed is woven by islanders in the Outer Hebrides. It's lovely to see a traditional fabric and company get a modern makeover.


  1. These are beautiful. Such gorgeous bright colours.

  2. Thank you for your lovely post.

    breagha x

  3. My mum bought me a satchel bag from these people, and its beautiful!

  4. A word of warning: I bought a Bregha ipad case as a gift and loved it so much I ordered a satchel for myself from, It never showed up and I received no response or apology despite several emails. I hope they have sorted out this problem as it reflects badly on independent makers, and these bags are gorgeous!


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