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Monday 25 June 2012

Jonathan Adler's Sausage Dog Butter Dish

I promise that I don't actively search for sausage dog paraphernalia. They just appear, as if by magic. No other dog has its own Domestic Sluttery (dog) tag and no other dog would look quite as wonderful as a Jonathan Adler dachshund butter dish.

I've never even used a butter dish before, it implies that butter lasts longer than two days in Sluttery HQ, which is most certainly doesn't (have you seen how much butter goes into this baklava recipe?!) but I do really want a sausage dog dish to be part of my life. Perhaps I could put him on my dressing table and hide my jewellery in him?

The downside to Jonathan Adler's quirky pretty is that this little ceramic wonder is £68. That's not on, JA. We've spoken about this before. Perhaps I'll buy this bowler hat butter dish instead. It's by Maxwell & Williams and only £11 from Heal's.

Take note Mr Adler, quirky pretty stuff under twenty quid will win my heart over any kind of sausage dog silliness. But when it comes to ridiculous giraffe table lamps, I throw all reason right out of the window.

Take my money, take it all.


  1. OMG what are you doing to me? My partner and I are moving in together soon, he reluctantly agreed to the owl side table but I think a dog butter dish and a giraffe lamp maybe pushing it?

    1. You got him to agree to the owl table? Then you clearly have magical powers and could get all three of these and he wouldn't bat an eyelid. Dude has excellent taste, clearly.

  2. I don't know about that, I did have to agree to allow him a montage of great footballing moments in the hallway. But relationships are about compromise right?

  3. Oh my. Neeeed!
    I've been compiling an Etsy treasuring full of dachshunds and this would make a great addition (unfortunately I think that's the nearest I'll get to owning it as recent butter dish purchasing with the boy revealed that his tastes in this regard are really quite dull).


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