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Friday 22 June 2012

Fashion Find:

Friday afternoons are all about browsing through fashion websites dreaming of the perfect wardrobe when really you should be finishing that really important task your boss just gave you. Finding pretty shoes is hard work as well, you know. So, imagine my happy dance when I found this lovely new shopping site, is a Swedish fashion website at recently launched a UK version. Aiming to rival e-commerce site ASOS, this site brings a range of fashion and beauty products for men and women. It is an interesting mix of affordable fashion and high end brands. Along with their own fashion brand they also stock brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, French Connection, Hope, Hugo Boss and By Zoe to name but a few.

These guys do everything, from swimwear to lingerie, from party dresses to pyjamas, from jewellery to make-up. This could be quite the one stop shop for online shopping fans, a place where you can browse the departments for hours. It's likely to be a fashionista's favourite procrastination tool.

I particularly like the shoes. This sparkly number is screaming for a girl’s night out on the dancefloor. It would have been ideal for the hen night I went on last weekend.

And I need to engage my inner hippy chic with these vibrant chunky heels. I'm thinking enormous bell-bottom flares or a maxi skirt to sweep along with these colourful

And how on earth does one wear this crazy Jeffrey Campbell shoe? The middle bit is missing. They are so crazy they are genius. I like the colours, they have a rather vintage vibe and that unusual shape is great talking point.

I am also particularly enjoying this cat print dress. Because we're not bored of animal prints on our clothes yet, are we? 

I am also in the market for a new handbag. I need one that is large enough for notebooks and maybe a laptop, but not too clunky. I found this red handbag for £92.95 which totally matches my hair. It is way out of my current price range but I can always hope for a sale.

I could go on a quite a bit more picking out my favourites but it is probably best you pop on over yourself and take a browse. Nelly.come offers free delivery on all orders in the UK and this usually takes 2-6 days. I foresee a Nelly purchase winging it's way to me very soon. 

Plus, if you like footwear check out the Nelly High Heels Tour which is visiting towns all over country. The first 150 guests to arrive get to pick a free pair of shoes from upcoming collection. Free shoes are cool. Yep, I said FREE!

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