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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Soner Ozenc Mirrors

I've learnt a couple of things since moving house last week:

1. I absolutely cannot style my hair without a mirror. When I try, I resemble Worzel Gummidge.

2. Mirrors are bloody expensive. And often quite ugly.

Sonar Ozenc mirrors are neither expensive nor ugly. They're super and rather good value. I love the Tetris mirror above, which is a magic £38. THIRTY EIGHT POUNDS! I've been wincing at prices in the hundreds for Venetian monstrosities that I don't even like. Rather than being super heavy glass, they're acrylic mirror sheets, which you can arrange as you see fit.

If I had a super hero comic mirror, I'd almost have super hero hair. This is £38 of POW! right in your face every morning. Or Boom! or Blam! if you prefer.

I do love this stamp mirror. Move over, Queenie. I want a go.

I really like these computer mirrors, although I think you need a whole bunch of them for them to really work.

My bedroom wall is about to get some Tetris action.


  1. They are cool! I have this mirror in my hallway from a French company called 'Domestic'

  2. these mirrors are actually amazing. which is dangerous as I am slightly addicted to collecting mirrors.


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