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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Aimee Wilder

Do you remember the Studio Ditte robot wallpaper I wrote about a little while back? I mentioned a certain Aimee Wilder, who has always been streets ahead in the world of wallpaper design, but I was struggling to find a UK stockist. Then I found Wall Library - the only UK distributor of Aimee's designs. Now you can see why I love her work so much.

These wallpaper has a little Japanese family all lined up. So cute.

ROCKETS! This wallpaper is a pretty good argument for having kids.

D'you remember mix tapes? Me too. Love this analogue paper.

Here's the robot wallpaper I mentioned. I absolutely love all robot wallpapers ever created.

You can't make me choose between squirrels and robots. That's just cruel. Obviously I want robot squirrels. (And then I'd like to take over the world with my robot squirrel army.)

Aimee Wilder's wallpaper isn't in the cheap category - it's about £130 a roll (granted if you hop across the pond, it's much cheaper) - but I think it's really special. I love the quirky designs and have basically repapered my entire house in my head. I'm sure my housemates want rockets and robots and squirrels on the walls.


  1. Who doesn't want rockets and robots and squirrels on their walls?

    1. Mad people. I can't pick a favourite. There were about eight more that I could have featured. Love them.

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