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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Winberry & Antler

I love finding designers based in Shropshire. I'm from there! I know where that is! (Just on the border of Wales, an hour and a bit left of Birmingham.)  Whinberry & Antler like their animals countryside-y. Get very excited, you know that means HEDGEHOGS AND BADGERS!

Yep, this is soon to be part of my tea towel collection. You know the saying that I just made up - three badgers are always better than one.

I don't love hares as much as badgers, but I do like tote bags and I don't want to discriminate against animals for not being as awesome as badgers. It's not their fault. Still, what they lack in stripes, that make up for in massive ears.

There are deer, too! This time on lavender bags. The designs all appear on each of the products, so you could have badger everything if you wanted (I want).

The homeware prices are very reasonable indeed, starting at £8 for a tea towel and going up to £35 for a handmade cushion. If you fancy getting handy with badgers yourself, you'll soon be able to buy Whinberry & Anter fabric. I apologise in advance* if your entire home is soon covered in badgers.

* I don't.


  1. Ha! Wonderful! I know a badger-mad certain someone who will be only too delighted to cover her home in them!
    The hare is a stunning print....even though I've been a bit frightened of hares since a child after a natural history museum trip.

    1. That sounds like a story that we all wanna hear...

  2. I'm from the shire tooooo! Currently in exile in Scotland though.. Love the site and this blog too!

    1. Hi Anon! Whereabouts are you from? I grew up in Shrewsbury.

  3. Hello, my name is Jacinta Ingham and I run Whinberry & Antler. I just came across your blog post and just thought I would say thank you so much for your very kind words! It's really great to see that the business is getting out there as I only properly started back in November 2011.

    I am based just outside of Shrewsbury, between the Stiperstones and Long Mynd, so the surrounding area really is the perfect inspiration for drawing wildlife! I will be at the country Living Christmas Fair this November, so if you are anywhere near London around then it would be great to see you!

    All the best and thank you so much again.

    Jacinta, Whinberry & Antler.


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