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Tuesday 26 June 2012

Discount duvets

The summer sales are well and truly on us, so it's time to give one of the best places in the home - the bed, of course - a special treat. Duvets, and sheets and pillowcases, are going super cheap with something for all bedroom budgets and tastes, so there's no reason (other than an over-fondness for your Snuzzle pony) for you still to be sleeping under your My Little Pony cover. There also seems to be quite a lot of old stock still hanging around so if you liked any of the bedding bargains we featured here and here, it's probably worth checking back to see if they've been reduced in price any further.

The decadent Lanna design shown above comes courtesy of Anthropologie. It's seriously lush, usually with a serious price tag to match. A double duvet was selling for £198, it's now £59.98. That's the reason I'm only allowed to look at Anthropologie at sales time. 

This tasteful blue seer duvet cover comes from Zara. It's only £29.99 leaving you lots of spare change to put towards Zara shoes or dresses or whatever else you fancy.  

Roses on bed linen is one of my favourite things (coming closely behind whiskers on kittens). This Couture Rose range from Laura Ashley is ridiculously girlie and I love it all the more for it. Another reason for general love is the reduction in price - while the duvet would have set me back £70, it's now a more reasonable £42.

If all that sweetness is making your teeth rot, the more restrained Falling Leaves duvet from the John Rocha range at Debenhams could be a good alternative. The duvet is reduced to £52.

And if you like to dream in technicolour, how about the Bianca range from John Lewis? Bold and beautiful, the duvet is yours for only £30.


  1. I would never choose the roses, but I'm really surprised to say that I like it. Damn you, Ambler.

  2. I may well be committing a bed linen faux pas here but need assistance: I am looking for some green-based bed linen, and can’t seem to find any anywhere. The green I’m looking to base it on is Calke Green by Farrow and Ball ( or Nice Pear by Graham and Brown ( William Morris’s Willow Bough Green pattern would be fine, but can’t even find this, let alone anything else. Help! Thank you!

    1. Celia, I hear your plea! I am about to wallpaper my bedroom in a fabulous blue/green pattern. Can I find any nice matching bedlinen? No I can't, and I've looked at a lot of places! Other Sluttery ladies, can you help us in our hour of need?

  3. I bought the couture Rose linen from Laura Ashley and am now looking for a wall colour to complement the bedlinen. Any ideas?


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