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Wednesday 13 June 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Studio Ditte Robot Wallpaper

A large chunk of my Sunday evening was spent looking for robot wallpaper (a fine task, any day of the week). I knew it existed - the super talented Aimee Wilder has some gorgeous robot designs. Sadly, I've never found a UK stockist for her work. Then I found Studio Ditte's robot wallpaper. The company are based in the Netherlands, but you can buy their wall coverings in a few shops in the UK.

Studio Ditte are actually most well-known for their scrapwood wallpaper, but I can't help be wooed by these cute little guys. Here's a close-up:

They're all adorable with their wonky eyes and quirky faces. Loads of work has gone into the paper - the little robot guys are made up of old prints, and then photographed after being 'assembled' with small hardware parts.

It's £120 from the Catkin Collection. Usually I'd wince at a price like that, but I'm fighting against the cuteness of hundreds of friendly robots. They're tough to argue with.


  1. Very cute! (But yes, pricey)

    I wonder if they'd sell me a quarter of a roll...

  2. maybe we should have a wallpaper share system for those of us who only need a small amount of a very expensive roll ?


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