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Thursday 14 June 2012

Quarter Angel Jewellery

When I visit somewhere new, I like to buy a little trinket to remind me of my journey. Nothing big, sometimes just a really tacky mug from a shop by the beach. I love me a tacky souvenir shop. Who wouldn't want a turtle made out of shells? If I've been to the beach and I've promised you a present, you can bet it's been made out of shells and has googly eyes.

London has its own tacky shops, they basically like to pretend that it's the Jubilee but all year round. I love them, but I also like that so many designers use London in their work. Snowden Flood, Michelle Mason and Katie Adams all use little bits of the city in their work and Domestic Sluttery is all the prettier for it.

Adding to the pretty is this London cuff bracelet by Quarter Angel cuff bracelet. I love the blue detail of the Thames, and the little bird (probably a pigeon) that you can see just sneaking around the curve is a cute touch. It's so beautiful, and definitely worth my pennies.

You can see the rest of Jessica's work over on her website (see likes the seaside as well), and you can buy her jewellery online from At Work.

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