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Monday 25 June 2012

Pantone and Perfumes

I know I shouldn't just smellies by their packaging, but I can't help it. This weekend I admitted that I could be swayed into buying a toiletries brand because of the design. Compagnie de Provence have always had a nice look about them - bold typefaces, bright colours - but they've outdone themselves with this trio of soaps that I spotted while reading a copy of Fabulous magazine that someone had considerately left on the Jubilee line at Southwark.

There's something very Pantone about the design, which I love. The three soaps are the exact scents that you'd expect from the paper colours - violet, Mediterranean sea and wild rose. They're the ideal mix or modern design and classic perfumes and much classier than that bar of Imperial Leather you've used right down to the last scrap.

Usually toiletries with swish packaging is super pricey, but you can pick up this little soap for for £11.80 from Rose & Grace.

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  1. I am not at all ashamed to be swayed by the packaging for most things. And these look lush! I think I can just about spare some space in my big baskety fancy soap collection in the guest bathroom....


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